About Sandbox Hub

About Sandbox Hub

Ideas need a safe and supportive environment in which to be tested. Europe’s media organizations possess the infrastructure, knowledge and audience required to give ideas a viable trial. Innovators are eager to engage with established media players to further their concepts. MediaRoad’s Sandbox Hub takes advantage of this context to deliver a new platform to validate new technologies, services and solutions across the European media sector.

The title “sandbox” is borrowed from the name for a safe playground for children. More recently, the word sandbox has been used to describe a testing environment for software development.

The MediaRoad Sandbox Hub will create a European network of media innovation incubators through which groundbreaking ideas can be tested and scaled. These incubators, or Sandboxes, will be hosted by established media organizations, and will welcome applications from entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs with media-related concepts involving technology, journalism, social media and content. Each Sandbox will operate independently, but be interlinked across Europe through a platform to share success cases for broader implementation.


Sarah Geeroms

MediaRoad Sandbox Hub Leader