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Become a member of the MediaRoad Network!

Collaboration between diverse partners is at the heart of the MediaRoad project. We aim at creating a broad and diverse network of committed media stakeholders, researchers, creative and cultural industries, technology and policy experts, and entrepreneurs who are interested in initiating new cooperation with other creative and media sectors actors and together create a media ecosystem for innovation.

The MediaRoad Network offers a unique cross-sectoral platform to connect and find like-minded peers to take part in the MediaRoad community activities and collaborative processes from exchanging information and generating ideas for new innovations to cooperating on recommendations for future media policies.

How to become an official MediaRoad stakeholder?

We foresee various possible levels of commitment:

  • Tier 1: Receive regular updates and information on the MediaRoad project
  • Tier 2: Take part in MediaRoad policy and research consultations as well as events (+Tier 1)
  • Tier 3: Become a Mediaroad project partner(+ Tier 1 & 2)

Please contact us at any time to exchange your thought on possible participation!