MediaRoad assigned its Quality Label to France Télévisions’ Sandbox “ToonYou: personalized content for kids” project. The project started in October 2017, and the collaboration is still ongoing.

France Télévisions and ToonYou have teamed up to bring a unique experience to their young audience. They can watch an educative cartoon series called My Dream Jobs on FRANCE 5, one of the most watched TV channels for kids in France, and then are invited in the closing credits to go online with an app called TOONYOU to personalize the main characters with the faces of the family. Mom or Dad and the kid inside a series of 70 episodes of 3 minutes. With one selfie ToonYou can generate more than 100 expressions that can be put back in the episodes. A unique way to engage this young audience into funny but clever content.
The series reached, thanks to its topic and its artistic direction, the top 3 of the most watched IP on France TV. The personalization experience has brought the families engaged to spend more than 21 minutes per daily session in the app, everytime they would come. This experience is trustworthy: the parents are confident in this animated series that promotes family values and education.

More info

Start-up website: www.toonyou.com

Email: ATOURET[at]toonyou.com

Project description on MediaRoad site

Sandbox: France TV Lab

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