During fall 2017, the News Service of France Télévisions (French public national television broadcaster) chose Newsbridge to join its very first media accelerator. Supported by France Télévisions Innovation Department and the Medialab, Newsbridge deployed an AI-based video pre-indexing system that would help journalists and documentalists to better handle, explore and browse the huge amount of content received every day. This project coincided with the beta launch of Newsbridge’s automatic cognitive indexing service: Newsbridge idX.

Newsbridge idX associates facial recognition, object, scene detection and audio transcription and matches these with their semantic contexts to deliver immediate access to the content. This is making derushing and archiving tasks faster than ever and creates new ways to browse, search and investigate through video content. Through the partnership with France Télévisions, Newsbridge had the opportunity to get the very first version of Newsbridge idX into the hands of more than fifty journalists, reporters, editors and documentalists.

Among several training sessions and workshops, the Newsbridge product team was able to improve each feature to fit even better each user’s need. The video pre-indexing was activated to every live feed coming in, strongly boosting content awareness and speeding up editing. “The amount of material we shoot every day is now so huge that it’s no longer possible for a human being to watch everything.” ‒ Christophe de Vallambras, journalist and international reporter at France Télévisions. This is truly the challenge Newsbridge addressed with Newsbridge idX. By centralizing and analyzing all the content in the cloud, in real time, the platform can be used by journalists to extract, in no time, a relevant sequence among thousands of hours of video. Thanks to user-centric interfaces and a semantic search engine, the solution provides a new experience, both in terms of story making and journalism investigation.

More info

Start-up website: newsbridge.io

Email: julien.mabileau[at]gmail.com

Project description on MediaRoad site

Sandbox: France TV Lab

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