MediaRoad, in the context of it’s Sandbox Hub activities, has created a Quality Label for startups and entrepreneurs that have successfully completed a Sandbox project together with a media company. The Quality Label certification process is now active, and startups having successfully completed a project in a MediaRoad Sandbox can apply to it (see the evaluation criteria below).

A description of the projects carried out by startups awarded with the Quality Label will be published in the News section of our website. Stay tuned!

The proposed projects will be assessed according to the following evaluation criteria:

  • Eligible projects: completed projects as from January 2018 (not per se implemented)
  • Outcome reached
  • The novelty of the approach (breakthrough technology or new application for something that’s existing or new content format)
  • The value to media production and delivery (quality of the testing with the partner, should be an idea that’s useful/replicable for other companies, something particular for production)
  • The achievement in the light of the resources available to complete the project
  • Good partner to collaborate with (delivery on time, communication, …)

The Quality Label will be a pre-condition for accreditation to the Prize programme, recognizing the best projects that emerge across all active Sandboxes, see here. Prize winners, as decided by a Jury,  will be announced during September 2019 at the IBC conference in Amsterdam.

More information can be found here .

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