Written by Marina Klitsi

Following the European Commission Communication on tackling online disinformation, SOMA (Social Observatory for Disinformation and Social Media Analysis) has been launched to provide support to a European community that will jointly fight disinformation!

The SOMA project aims to equip the “hunters” of misleading news with high-end tools that will enable them to do their job in the most efficient and accurate way. In particular, the members of the EU Observatory against disinformation will gain access to powerful technological infrastructure based on the collaborative verification platform, Truly Media, assisting them in the laborious task of fact-checking online content.

At the same time, it seeks to bring fact checkers together with news organizations, social media innovators, researchers and policy-makers in order to

  • constitute the core of 2 national centres for research around disinformation,
  • formulate a methodology to assess the impact of verification tools and media literacy strategies,
  • establish a commonly accepted Source Transparency Index (STI),
  • provide a roadmap for best practices in content verification.

SOMA is a collaboration between five innovative organizations, distinguished and experienced for providing technologies and models for fake news verification: Athens Technology Center (ATC, Greece), coordinating the project; Pagella Politica (Italy), LUISS Data Lab (Italy), T6Ecosystems (Italy) and the University of Aarhus (Denmark) will play an active role.

Join the effort to reduce the risks created by disinformation!
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