AER, the Association of European Radios, organised a unique Special Focus Workshop in the context of Radiodays Europe, the most important annual conference for radio professionals in the world, held in 2019 in Lausanne. The AER/MediaRoad workshop titled “Is Internet reinventing broadcast radio?” and held on 31 March 2019, explored, in a series of three thought-provoking sessions, how the radio industry will change in the next years, the innovations transforming the role of radio in people’s lives and the most recent technological disruptions seen as an opportunity and a threat at the same time.

Radio Days Lausanne Switzerland Picture Conor McCabe Photography

An exciting and expert line-up of speakers shared their insights on the most recent innovations driving the change in the radio industry, ranging from hybrid to 5G to AI, all broadly linked together by the idea that the internet is pervasive, it reaches everybody, it affects everyone’s lives – business-wise and personal-wise, as moderator Nick Piggott said. The change that technology brings, is disruptive, but if we understand how to use it, if we engage with it really positively, Nick Piggott continued,

I think we can use it to make a better radio for everybody. And the internet is not just about reinventing the way we deliver radio to people, the way that people see it and hear it in their cars and in their homes, it is also about the way we can use the technology derived form the internet to produce radio, to present it in a better way, to understand it better, to search and index it better. If we don’t these things right, it doesn’t matter how great our radio is, people will find it harder and harder to find great radio.

Radio Days Lausanne Switzerland Picture Conor McCabe Photography

More information about AER and the workshop can be found here. All presentation material and a foto selection can be found here.

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