Supporting European media innovation is key to ensuring the industry remains competitive, a MediaRoad conference in Brussels has concluded. The event saw the publication of a new MediaRoad vision paper and highlighted the success of the project, funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme, in building an ecosystem for innovation and collaboration in the media sector.

Accelerating European media innovation is an essential means to promote media pluralism and freedom of expression. It will ensure the sustainability and development of Europe’s media and creative industry.

“An adequate regulatory framework and the support of relevant EU programmes are simply vital to the acceleration of media innovation in Europe” said Nicola Frank, EBU Head of European Affairs.

The EBU & MediaRoad have put forward 9 recommendations to this end:

  1. Increasing prominence of media innovation and research in EU programmes
  2. Empowering open innovation
  3. Developing cutting edge technologies for media
  4. Fostering European-wide content production and securing cross-border access to content
  5. Enhancing digital and media literacy skills
  6. Securing a fair online platform environment
  7. Delivering the increased responsibility of online platforms
  8. Ensuring access to use data to support innovation
  9. Preserving the open internet

The conference brought together media stakeholders, policy makers, researchers as well as the broad community of the MediaRoad project to discuss the vision and priorities for European media innovation. The event also showcased the latest innovative technological developments and trends influencing the sector.

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