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ICT-44 is at present being open to submit proposals in the context of Horizon 2020, and will close on 16th January 2020 at 17.00.

ICT44-2020 calls for Innovation Actions and Coordination/Support Actions in three subtopics:

(all details are given: https://ec.europa.eu/info/funding-tenders/opportunities/portal/screen/opportunities/topic-details/ict-44-2020)

The scope of the call is to foster innovative solutions
  1. to facilitate the integration of emerging technologies such as 5G, Cloud, the Internet of Things, Virtual/Augmented Reality, smart objects, wearables, data analytics, artificial intelligence, etc. in next generation media that overcome traditional boundaries and sectors;
  2. to help the new media ecosystem become more adaptive and inclusive, and better promote content, e.g. with new online strategies and business models or new forms of content creation/distribution/presentation;
  3. to support synergies across media, operators, technologists and cultural/artistic actors, in order to develop a network of stakeholders which, building on the existing STARTS (Science+ Technology+ ARTS) network, will explore innovative paths for the next generation of media.
To achieve the objectives the call is structured in three subtopics:

Subtopic a) i.

Exploring novel approaches for technology-driven innovation in European media ecosystem. At least two interlinked incubators hosted in existing operational environments providing access to relevant infrastructures and services as well as internal support. Technology-driven innovation for open and interoperable media with a particular focus on SMEs and start-ups. Third party participants will need to be selected via two open calls during the project (at least 70% of EU contribution). Each third-party project will last from 5 to 12 months with a size from EUR 50.000 to 350.000. Cooperate with a) ii.

Subtopic a) ii.

Setting up large-scale demonstrators, pilots or close-to-market prototypes for the creation of a user driven, fair, sustainable and technologically advanced media ecosystem focused on one or more of the following themes:

enabling all-IP (distributed/accessed over internet) content value chain; new business opportunities on cross-media and cross-sectorial data analytics;  solutions that facilitate the availability of European content online; tackling cross-border content restriction issues; user driven, immersive and accessible media services; transmedia and cross media experiences and services; immersive and interactive experiences in publishing; agile media rights management and content identification solutions to improve online content distribution. Cooperate with a) i.

Subtopic b)

Establishing a network of actors to foster synergies between art, media and technology. Organise the annual European STARTS prizes (www.STARTS.eu) that unite technology, arts and media.   For three consecutive years, prizes are awarded in two categories (EUR 20.000 each). Organize exhibitions and performances to stimulate new alliances between art, technology and media. Expand international cooperation links and activities of STARTS. Continue activities for STARTS residencies and STARTS academies. Organisational overhead should be minimised to allow substantial support of artists.

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ICT-44-2020: Next Generation Media- info webinar

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