The first six months of Sandbox Swedish Radio

It’s been an interesting spring for us at Swedish Radio, and we’ve been through a lot of different things since we kicked off Sandbox in January.

We’ve set the foundation for Sandbox Swedish Radio, kicked off two projects together with startups, travelled across the country to meet with people from the Swedish startup community and to Brussels to meet with our European Sandbox network. As an end to a couple of busy months we also hosted our first Sandbox event here in Stockholm.

Current projects
Our first two Sandbox-projects have been together with the startups
Signal Signal and Loop.


Signal Signal is an AI service that generates spoken and moving media into searchable text. In that way, Signal Signal can track what's being said in TV, radio, podcasts and Youtube. Together with Signal Signal, the editorial groups P3 News and Ekot have evaluated how the tool works in two different work environments at Swedish Radio. P3 News work with news documentaries where research is the focus in relation to Ekot's editors where the work is based on day-to-day deliverables.

The project ended right before the summer, and we’re now working on gathering all the insights from the evaluations.

Lo-Op is the first app of its kind with focus on creating professional animated videos without any previous knowledge of content creation. Together with the documentary department, we’re exploring the opportunities to create animated content as easily and time-efficiently as possible through different social media channels.

The project is still running, and is moving into its second phase in August where the documentary team together with Lo-Op will develop a unique template for Swedish Radio inside of the app. But more about that later this fall…. 🙂

The first Sandbox Swedish Radio event
In May we hosted our first Sandbox event at the cultural center in Stockholm. We had the honour to receive a visit from VRT’s Sarah Gerooms who talked about the European network, while Signal Signal talked about their Sandbox-project together with us. We wanted to create a space where people from Swedish Radio could meet with the startup community to discuss potential projects together, and the response were positive from both sides.


What now?
We’re now sitting down to evaluate the spring and to see what the focus for Sandbox Swedish Radio will be for the coming months. We want to start spending some time looking internally to find and capture needs there might be inside of the organisation and see how we best can match them with the startup community.

For the coming fall we also see a lot of potential in sharing knowledge and learnings with the European Sandbox hubs, and we’re looking forward to see what the network will evolve into.

You can follow our projects at https://sandbox.sverigesradio.se/.

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