The MediaRoad Vision Paper on the Future of Media Innovation presents a concerted effort to offer practical policies to support the European media sector’s digital transformation and ensure its future sustainability in an increasingly competitive global market.

The Paper has been developed by the Policy Hub of MediaRoad. Launched in September 2017, the two-year MediaRoad project brings together a wide range of European media stakeholders. The project aims to provide recommendations for future-proofing media policies and promoting the implementation of innovative media concepts.

Support from the European Union research and innovation funding programme Horizon 2020 has been crucial in bringing these ideas to life. With the culmination of Horizon 2020 and efforts to prepare its successor “Horizon Europe”, media stakeholders and policy makers are faced with a unique opportunity to share their vision to how to drive the future of research and innovation in Europe. To this end, the MediaRoad Vision Paper provides a series of policy recommendations for the future of media innovation, based on three pillars:

  • A cohesive ecosystem where the media can continue to play a crucial role in addressing global challenges. Today the media is helping drive the transition to a digital society and economy by supporting media literacy and education. The audiovisual and radio sectors are helping to answer European and global challenges and also promote European values and play a pivotal role in driving citizens’ engagement and participation in democratic processes and in fighting online disinformation.
  • An EU-specific integrated approach that combines a modernized policy and legal framework with adequate financial support for thriving media and creative industry in Europe.
  • An action plan with clear actions and funding calls that can effectively bridge gaps between technological research and creative content production. For instance, a European MediaLAB could be established to attract creative and technological talent and ensure European leadership in media innovation. More importantly, it is crucial that EU funding to media research and innovation is increased and that Horizon Europe establishes a dedicated media innovation funding scheme.

In addition to the Policy Hub, the MediaRoad project is also comprised of the Network and the Sandbox Hubs. By bringing together diverse media organizations -both public and private-, media workers’ organizations, academic research institutes and innovation centres, the Network Hub aims to foster cooperation and collaboration for thriving media innovation in Europe.

The Sandbox Hub – inspired by Belgium’s own “VRT Sandbox”- is designed to foster a European network of media innovation accelerators to support entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs in testing and scaling new media-tech ideas.

The Vision Paper also provides an analysis of the trends and challenges for a European media sector in transition. In addition, it examines key technological innovations adopted by the media sector and evaluates how these have an impact across the value chain – from production to distribution to consumption. Of note, the Paper also discusses the societal implications of media accessibility and inclusiveness in this digital transition.

To continue to support these forward-looking initiatives and Europe’s leadership in high quality, innovative and diverse content, it is vital to ensure that a dedicated media innovation scheme is part of the new Horizon Europe.

Find out more about our proposals to drive the future of media innovation here

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