Towards a more flexible and complete media accountability toolbox

Words by Katty Roberfroid-Close

The difficulty of measuring audiences across screens and platforms is nothing new. The media industry, although aware of the constant improvement brought to the existing measurement and trading currencies, do actively or passively struggle with some of its shortcomings. There is an unprecedented sense of urgency and growing momentum to boost innovation in the sector and solve the issues impacting the reliability of digital media and bring the greater clarity that will allow marketers to better evaluate the relative effectiveness of the options at their disposal thanks to metrics such as viewability, attribution, engagement, sales uplift, etc. In other words, the industry needs to move from a media-centric towards an advertiser-centric model, while keeping comparable and global KPIs for trading and validation.

TV JICs’ solutions for hybrid television audience measurement are currently being rolled out and tested in several markets and deserve everyone’s attention. Still, we know that much remains to be done if we are to harmonise standards, jargon, key concepts and metrics and come up with realistic expectations.

There is now a plethora of hand-crafted and unscalable data-driven metrics simultaneously designed by various TV groups that allow for no harmonisation. Yet, attempts and progress are being made on all fronts to close the gap between real and measured consumption.

When it comes to measurement and the aforementioned challenges and priorities, egtaEuropean association of TV and radio sales houses – advertising arms of major broadcasters, its members and Board of Directors – are convinced that building bridges is what our industry most needs: between industry partners, between countries , between media, devices and platforms, between content and advertising, between various fields of expertise, between individual initiatives, methodologies – older and widely accepted ones as well as newer and equally valuable ones.

The obvious conclusion from an extensive round of in-depth interviews that egta conducted with various industry players seems to be that we basically all want the same thing: a better measured industry, data turned into insight that speak a clearer language and tell a completer and more compelling story, greater accountability and transparency.

The TV industry has until now been using a rather simple and reliable golden standard measurement.  Whereas there is unanimity in saying that this golden standard is here to stay and should remain central to our industry, many feel that it is no longer sufficient and possibly not evolving fast enough to enable all partners to meet the numerous challenges of a fully digital and highly fragmented media industry. The world we work and trade in also demands new measures, new standards, new currencies and new KPIs. The time has come for egta to share some of its conclusions and report on these partial solutions which we believe ought to be a part of a more flexible and complete “media accountability” toolbox.

egta, within the framework of MediaRoad, would like to contribute to this ambitious objective by bringing together a group of experts to move the discussion forward on TV audience measurement and go from a parallel display of ideas and initiatives to a real dialogue and potential collaboration between parties.

Conversations with each of these experts – ranging from advertisers, JIC, Adtech companies, media agencies to other industry experts – allowed egta to analyse and map the range of options, visions, definitions, hints of solutions, etc. that those experts have in mind, have tested already or would be willing to try out.

The final objective is to share these ideas and put them to the test in the context of a targeted event bringing together 100 experts in the field, all of them already committed to the future of measurement – with the power, mandate and capacity to actively contribute to its evolution. “BAM – Bridges in Audience Measurement” will take place on the 4th of December 2018 in London and aim to produce valuable suggestions and guidelines on the way forward.


For more information on egta’s work in the area of TV and video measurement:

egta insight: Advances in Hybrid Television Audience Measurement (01/2018 – Edition 3) | Download


BAM – Bridges in Audience Measurement AGENDA

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