MediaRoad Newsletter July 2020

Even though the MediaRoad project has finished we would like to stay in touch with all interested stakeholders. We therefore issued a newsletter in July 2020, addressing a number of different activities which contribute to finding answers and solutions to the big societal, technical, economic and policy challenges of the constantly evolving digital media environment.

In case you did not receive the newsletter in your mailbox, you can download a PDF-version here.

Take part in the Stakeholder Consultation on the new provisions in the revised AVMS Directive

To prepare for the implementation of the new provisions in the revised Audiovisual Media Services Directive 2018/1808, the European Commission’s DG CNECT has designated the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (research group imec-SMIT) and Deloitte to carry out the study SMART 2018/0066 on its behalf. In that view, we are organising 3 surveys to get the views of stakeholders on 3 different fields of the Directive.
  • Video sharing platforms
  • Transparency of media ownership
  • Signal integrity

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News from the EBU

MediaRoad receives an excellent assessment – paving the way for Horizon Europe to shine a light on projects combining creativity and technology

We are delighted that the EBU-coordinated MediaRoad project has received an extremely positive final review from independent experts mandated by the European Commission. A reminder of MediaRoad: it has been a collaboration between European media, producers and researchers to accelerate innovation across the sector. The MediaRoad project focused on three hubs: a SandBox hub; a Policy Hub; and a Network Hub. It ran for over two years, ending on 31 October 2019, and was funded by the Horizon 2020 programme.

The review of MediaRoad recently published by the European Commission states:

  • The project has delivered exceptional results with significant immediate or potential impact
  • The expected results and impact surpassed the expectations. This is particularly true for theSandbox hub.
  • The achievements are impressive and strengthen the European media landscape as digital innovation continues to accelerate.
  • The project was able to overachieve on some of the envisaged impacts, by establishing a large network of European stakeholders in the media industry through the envisaged activities implemented in the Policy, Networking, and Sandbox hubs.
  • The project has a strong impact on SMEs, relying on the Sandbox network. The number of results obtained by the Sandbox is quite impressive.

Some key figures from MediaRoad are detailed below.

The positive impact of MediaRoad demonstrates that bringing together creativity and technology innovation deserves a prominent place in the new Horizon Europe programme.

We want to give a shout-out to the partners that made MediaRoad such a success: the broadcasters, both public, with the BBCRAI, and VRT, and commercial, with the Association of European Radios; the leading media research institutes IRTEPFL and IMEC; and CEPI, the European Audiovisual Production Association.  For the EBU, MediaRoad was a hugely valuable and rewarding experience. We are proud that its legacy will continue to drive innovation across Europe’s media.

Key figures from MediaRoad

  • 18 Sandboxes were created and more than 20 pitching events for start-ups at an international level and provided matchmaking between media companies and media tech entrepreneurs.
  • Eight policy-oriented newsletters and two MediaRoad Vision documents were published: “The Future of Media Innovation – European Research Agenda beyond 2020”, “Future and emerging technological trends for the media sector”.
  • Seven responses to relevant EU consultations were delivered.
  • A network of more than 50 official MediaRoad stakeholders was developed, including broadcasters, production companies, R&D institutes, key creative sector players, new media, technology-developing SMEs, journalists and academics.
  • 20 successful events were organised to highlight relevant topics and foster collaboration and exchange.
  • MediaRoad activities and results were disseminated through 99 videos, 103 news articles, seven publications, 17 newsletters, nine press releases, 10 podcast episodes and representations at 84 external conferences and meetings.
Commissioner Gabriel at the MediaRoad closing conference

MediaRoad project round-up

Dear partners, followers, and friends

The time has come for the MediaRoad project to bid goodbye, at least for now. To support the European Media Ecosystem for Innovation, we kicked off in September 2017, and on 31 October 2019, it completed its cycle. 

Below you can read the highlights of our project Hubs: Sandbox, Policy and Network.

Thank you for keeping up with our project developments and being part of MediaRoad community in the past 26 months. We will continue to work to advance European media innovation, and we wish to stay in touch with you. Feel free to contact us and join a conversation in our group.

With our best regards,

the MediaRoad Team

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European public service media organizations are ready to take on a stronger role of leadership in the drive to strengthen Europe’s digital sovereignty – that was one of the key themes at this week’s ‘Accelerating European Media Innovation’ event in Brussels, a joint conference co-organized by the MediaRoad consortium and the EBU.

“The media sector plays a central role in making Europe fit for the digital age”,

said Antonio Arcidiacono, EBU Director of Technology & Innovation, in his keynote to an audience of EU lawmakers, EBU Members and high-level speakers including the current EU Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society Mariya Gabriel.

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Six Crucial Technological Trends for the Media Sector

The MediaRoad Vision Paper on Future and Emerging Technologies for the Media Sector analyses six technological trends – Artificial Intelligence (AI), Immersive technologies, Blockchain, 5G, Internet of Things (IoT) and Convergence – and their impacts on media sectors, and provides policy recommendations aiming at ensuring positive consequences for our societies.

The Paper has been developed by the Policy Hub of MediaRoad. Launched in September 2017, the two-year MediaRoad project brings together a wide range of European media stakeholders. The project aims to provide recommendations for future-proofing media policies and promoting the implementation of innovative media concepts. MediaRoad benefits from the support and funding from the European Union research and innovation funding programme Horizon 2020.

MediaRoad’s 2nd Vision Paper takes as starting point the 1st Vision Paper on the Future of Media Innovation, and its identification of key trends and challenges for the European media sector, and the derived policy recommendations. Based on a combination of various sources (in particular experts interviews and an online survey), it provides, for each technological trend, an analysis of its likely impact on the media sector and on society as a whole, and policy recommendations. 

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Press Release: European Media Innovation Key To Competitiveness

Supporting European media innovation is key to ensuring the industry remains competitive, a MediaRoad conference in Brussels has concluded. The event saw the publication of a new MediaRoad vision paper and highlighted the success of the project, funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme, in building an ecosystem for innovation and collaboration in the media sector.

Accelerating European media innovation is an essential means to promote media pluralism and freedom of expression. It will ensure the sustainability and development of Europe’s media and creative industry.

“An adequate regulatory framework and the support of relevant EU programmes are simply vital to the acceleration of media innovation in Europe” said Nicola Frank, EBU Head of European Affairs.

The EBU & MediaRoad have put forward 9 recommendations to this end:

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Tuesday 8 October 2019, 09.00 – 17.00
Hotel Renaissance, Rue du Parnasse 19, 1050 Brussels


Innovation is essential to ensure the sustainability and development of Europe’s media and creative industries in an increasingly global and competitive market place.

Join us for the Accelerating European Media Innovation event and find out more about the latest media technology developments.

Come and discuss the future media research and innovation projects and policy priorities for 2021-2027.

Experience the exciting on-site demos and listen to experts’ and professionals’ analysis of trends influencing the media space.

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Sandbox Prizes awarded @IBC2019

MediaRoad Sandbox Prize winners announced

The winners of the MediaRoad Sandbox Prizes were announced on Sunday 15 September, during an award ceremony taking place at IBC2019 in Amsterdam.

  • The 1st Prize was awarded to Newsbridge, a startup collaborating with France Televisions’ Sandbox, for its Newsbridge IdX project, an automatic cognitive indexing service
  • The 2nd Prize was awarded to On-Hertz, collaborating with the Vlaamse Radio Televisie (VRT) Sandbox, for their full radio studio on a tablet, providing a cost-effective and straightforward solution in mobility
  • France Télévisions Sandbox was also rewarded as the Sandbox creating the most Quality Label projects. This Sandbox was always among the most active in collaborating with startups and exploring innovative solutions, certifying 5 projects with the Quality Label as part of the MediaRoad project.

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2nd Edition Open Innovation Day was a success!

On June 26th, at Rai premises in Torino, the Open Innovation Day was carried out for the second time. The workshop was specially targeted to startups and small enterprises offering innovative solutions to technical and editorial problems in the area of media. Its goal was to improve mutual knowledge in areas of interest, creating a network of stakeholders aimed at collaborating, and contributing to innovation in the media industry. The event was organised in collaboration with ItaliaStartup, the not-for-profit association of Italian Startups, and I3P, the innovation accelerator of the Polytechnic of Turin, in synergy with the Italian Tech Week, a whole week of conferences and workshop focusing on innovation and technology in Torino.

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