Radio France

Augmented Acoustics

Augmented Acoustics is a French Startup that offers an interactive sound experience for live concerts thanks to the new technology embarked in its Supralive system. All you need to do is put the headphones on and move the button on the simple dashboard appearing on your smartphone. You can then make your own customized experience of the concert your attending to.

Radio France was interested in working with Augmented Acoustics because of its live events activity at the Maison de la radio, which include concerts of all types but also 3D sound demostrations. Therefore the Augmented Acoutics Sandbox project was twofold :

  • show Supralive ability to create a new experience for live music audiences
  • integration of 3D sound produced by Radio France

The POC was shown to the public at Médias en Seine, the Radio France innovation event organised in Nov. 2018 in Paris. The Augmented Acoustics demo was also sponsored by the Radio France departement in charge of equal access to our contents. As a matter of fact, the solution developed by Augmented Acoustics can make a significant improvement in the music listening experience of people suffering from hearing disabilities.

Médias en Seine created a great networking opportunity for the startups who, among many others, was keen to demonstrate their technology to the French Minister for Communications and Culture, Franck Riester.