France TV lab



France Télévisions pioneered in the live news, broadcasting the Bastille Day parade in 4D, like Matrix. Using “4D” image technology, France Télévisions gave its audiences the opportunity to experience the show as if they were by the street, freezing time and exploring space. During the live, within a few seconds, each battalion, each piece of equipment was slowed down to the extreme and a virtual camera enabled to discover it at 180°. Thus each element could be explored from different angles. France Télévisions’ news teams used the technology of a Korean start-up, supported by Orange, 4D Replay, whose solution, sufficiently reliable, is now appearing in a few live broadcasts. It is based on volumetric video, otherwise called “4D image”. It means having a multitude of cameras filming the same subject, then synchronizing all these images and recreating the scene in 3 dimensions.




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