YLE Sandbox

Crowdsourced content production with media management

BCaster delivered  an app used during the Sideways festival. The app consists of regular information sharing pages as well as possibility to create content. The content creation was done with built-in camera functionality and when the user took a photo or video, it was automatically uploaded to cloud service. The User Generated Content (UGC) was automatically available on map based view for Yle as well as for festival organizer. From the content flow it was easy to see what was happening in the area almost in real time to provide realtime feelings from the festival area and guidance to e.g. festival guest and professional photographers where to go. 

The content was delivered automatically to a map based view and it was available for further use almost immediately after the content was taken. The material could have been used in live broadcasting as well as in the big screens. In this case the material was used to create the fan based view to the festival and collect the user generated content in one place for further use.

During the festival, push messages were sent to the app users and requested to take photos and videos from the performers. Yle used the material to create fan based views from the festivals. The video with audience created content combined with professional footage can be viewed in https://areena.yle.fi/1-50004480 .

The material availability was completely unique for all parties. Typically, fan based content has been gathered with various methods beginning from shipping USB-sticks, various links and other methods. In this solution, the content was available in standard form and in a map based view with clear time stamps. The straightforwardness of the content acquisition, it’s ease of use and the amount and authenticity of it was something completely different and ground-breaking. The content was available immediately after uploading and the content producer was known and content could be trusted.