VRT Sandbox

Everybody Against Cancer 2018

In an online effort to mobilize our viewers into contributing to the “Kom op tegen Kanker” charity, the één digital team produced 4 fundraising multicam livestreams, exclusively on Facebook live.

In each of the 4 episodes one or more Belgian celebrities underwent a challenge, that had to come to a climax during the show as soon as enough viewers had texted to a central phone number (which resulted in them gaining €1 per sent text).

In the first episode three famous actors were stuck in the Dalton Terror, a 100 meter high fun ride that took them 5 meters higher per 100€, only to release them once the 2000€ mark had been reached. Other episodes contained nude painting, paintballing and running down the 90 meter high VRT Broadcasting tower.

For each of these events, that made use of 5 to 7 cameras, a very compact setup centered around vMix was used, and operated by a very small crew. (1 chief engineer, 1 video-operator, 1 audio-operator).

Unlike some of the other experiments and broadcasts we love to help out with, this effort also took care of the marketing side of things, which resulted in typically 5.000 live viewers on Facebook Live, and 150.000 vod views in less than a week.

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