Radio France

Forward Labs

Forward Labs is a French Startup who decided to create the next generation of radio. Cyril Labidi and his team ambition to reconcile the modernity of digital radio contents and fuctionnalities with the traditional radio device. The result is called Padam.

With Padam, you can gain access to your radio channels and music playlist in the turn of a button. After a quick setup, you don’t need to interact with your mobile phone any more. It is just you and the radio, almost exactly like you would do with a broadcast device.

The Forward Labs team met Radio France innovation teams at Station F, the world largest startup campus, where they’re both based. Forward Labs was invited to take part in the Médias en Seine event organised by Radio France in november 2018. On the occasion, the startup showed the public and the visiting media professionals Padam and developed an experience of playing Radio France streaming channels.

This was a great networking opportunity for the startups, especially when the French Minister for Culture and Communications visited their booth.