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Kielikylpy 2.0

Kielikylpy 2.0 is a spoken language training game where students learning Finnish language take part in an interactive story using their voice. The purpose is to encourage students to use and practice their Finnish in the safety of their own home and device.

In the story a friend and the user are heading to a public Finnish sauna and simultaneously practice buying and small talk situations by talking to the story characters.

The web-based solution does not require any installations while working with most common browsers. Kielikylpy’s Finnish voice recognition was validated with Arabic, Persian, Russian and Telugu (India) speaking students in the Omnia College. Thanks to the JSON solution the language content can be easily updated without re-programming.

The project brought together experts from Yle Oppiminen (Yle Learning), Finnish language teachers (Omnia) and XR-studio Radical Rabbit. Yle overviewed and consulted in the project while the experience and technical implementations was created by Radical Rabbit.