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Le Compositeur Digital – Excense


Excense is a young company specialized in face-to-face interaction and a Microsoft partner. It offers a digital solution dedicated to presentation and animation on large touch screens.


Since September 2018, journalists from France Info TV have been using the “Le Compositeur Digital” software created by Excense to animate their talks throughout the day on their touch screens. For the coverage of the centenary of the First World War armistice, France Info (news TV channel) offered its viewers and digital users tactile, dynamic, visual and educational presentations to immerse them in history. The journalist could manipulate 3D objects, historical images or videos live on the giant Microsoft Hub touch screen.


Tactile, highly interactive and dynamic editorial writing is one of the innovative journalistic formats offered by the France Info channel since its creation. In partnership with the MediaLab of the Information Department of France Télévisions, Excense has developed the functionalities of its “Le Compositeur Digital” application, in order to meet the specific needs of the editorial staff and offer an even more intuitive and visual experience. This innovation gives the journalists the possibility to create by themselves interactive and attractive sequences allowing for live editorialization.