VRT Sandbox


For this project we wanted to link some of VRT’s content to the LessonUp platform so we could offer teachers the possibility to quickly use VRT’s videos in their lessons, without technical obstacles. This way the media bits can become part of the lesson. LessonUp also allows teachers to enrich this material with certain teaching elements available on the platform.

The available video fragments were picked from the online video content of KLAAR, VRT NWS and Karrewiet. All the physical co

ntent remained on the VRT platforms and was linked via the “embedding method”.

We ran this test with 5th and 6th grade teachers from 5 different Flemish elementary schools, and also teachers from 5 different Flemish high schools. Afterwards we asked them about their experience.

We learned that the media from VRT NWS was the most used form of content. Within this content themes like domestic affairs, science and big international stories were the most popular.

When asked what type of video fragments added the most value, most teachers named short news fragments, documentaries and explainer videos. The preferred tone of the video came down to a tie between explanations of certain big news stories and offering extra insights in difficult topics.