Radio France


Marmelade is a French start-up run who developed a solution based on optimizing the unlocking of the smartphone screen, in order to turn it into a learning experience. Basically, it quizzes the user everytime they unlock their phone, on a topic that they previously chose within a range of options, spanning from the news to music or video games. Marmelade also offers options for business companies, to accompany their teams in learning processes.

Radio France met Marmelade at Station F, the world largest startup campus in Paris. Marmelade was interested in using media content to attract their target audience, and Radio France is focused on developing distribution strategies towards younger people.

As first experimentation, Radio France invited Marmelade to participate in the Médias en Seine event organized in November 2018 at Maison de la radio in Paris. This was a great opportunity for Marmelade to present the newest version of their app to a large number of visitors that attended the event. They could also encounter Radio France teams and network, to start discussing business opportunities. For the occasion, Marmelade developed a specific quiz on their app, as a first attempt at using Radio France content, which turned out very successful.