VRT Sandbox

VR Storytelling

‘De verhaaldoos.be’ wants, from an observing and coordinating role in the VR ecosystem, to mobilize both the media and the general public to the ultimate interactive experience that Virtual Reality can bring.

In mid-2017 an agreement had been reached between Nuntra bvba, VRT Sandbox and Mediahuis to submit a project together. The decision to team up for ‘de verhaaldoos.be’ was based on the achievements they saw rewarded earlier this year by the Google Digital News Initiative.

The project proposal for the “de verhaaldoos.be” was selected by the evaluation committee of the Department of Culture, Youth and Media as an innovative journalistic project, which will strengthens the pluralism within the sector and broadens the range of information available.

The call from Minister of Media Sven Gatz aimed to support initiatives that focus on sustainable future-oriented (digital) innovation and that not only benefit the sector, but also the public.

More information can be found on their website.