VRT Sandbox


One of the benefits is that the course is completely customizable. This means we were able to include niche information like ergonomic exercises for employees who work behind a computer screen a lot. Via this platform we could offer our team a lot of information that they wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

On-Hertz transfers a fully functioning radio studio onto a tablet. This allows the user to make radio on virtually any location. To test this premise we used their software for a live radio broadcast from a hot air balloon.

Renaud Schoonbroodt’s start-up company, provided an embryonic version of the LUMO virtual radio software containing a mixing console, microphone EQs and dynamics, jingle and playlist players and a telephone hybrid system. The software also included an audio matrix for different output mixes. The presenter used a Sennheiser HMD 27 headset. This provided hands-free operation for the DJ, as well as coping with the noise from the balloon burner.

This flight tested the ability of the software and was a big success. It brought a lot of publicity toward the project and taught us that making mobile radio is now very much a viable possibility.

In the future, On-Hertz will be focusing on improving broadcasters’ production workflows and helping them align their economics with today’s revenue opportunities.