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PlayPlay | an easy access video creator

For any company, it is essential to communicate effectively with its audience, especially on social networks. Moreover, video has become a key communication medium, as long as it is dynamic and punchy.



That’s why the startup PlayPlay has designed an online video creator to meet the expectations of companies and the wishes of marketing, social media, HR teams or other professionals without specific video editing skills.

The product is really easy to be appropriated by the users as PlayPlay offers templates that allow the imagined scenario to be transformed into images : top, quotes, excerpts from a podcast, announcement of an event, interview, job offer, composition of a team, etc.



Once the content has been added into the platform (images, videos, gifs…), the PlayPlay tool automatically realizes the motion design and the video is ready within a few minutes with great results.


Today, PlayPlay has convinced many people in France Télévisions, especially the HR teams, the Communication department, France tv lab and France tv sport.


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