VRT Sandbox


Sensifai offers award-winning recognition software for videos and images.

Media companies, publishers and multimedia managers often need to find and tag celebrities or political figures in all sorts of media. However, sifting through large piles of videos and images can be rather time-consuming.

Sensifai offers an easy-to-use solution that automates the process of recognizing famous people and public figures by using an accurate facial recognition/identification system.

The initial version of the software was tested as a Sandbox project at VRT. During this test case we ran the image of 20 different Belgian celebrities through the VRT video archive. Sensifai managed to find the subjects and pick relevant fragments out of the archive with a precision of 88%.

Over time, improvements have been made and the software now manages to recognize over 3000 famous people worldwide with an accuracy of 98%. Besides that, it manages to recognize over 10 000 concepts in total. Some examples of these concepts are logo’s, actions, objects, sports and scenes. The fact that this company is improving so rapidly is very promising!