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Founded in 2013 in France, Streamroot is a leading provider of innovative OTT delivery technologies for media groups, content publishers and enterprise customers. Streamroot’s peer-to-peer video CDN, midstream CDN switching and eCDN solutions offer broadcasters the possibility through improved quality of service, greater audience reach and infinite delivery capacity with zero infrastructure investment.



After a first test on the creation of a video player in 2016, implemented a Streamroot DNA™ distributed network architecture for the world’s most famous professional cycling race, the Tour de France, in the summer of 2018. has extended the POC to the live and then to the replay on its platform.


This free solution for the user has resulted in the following improvements :

  • from 7500 concurrent users, the Streamroot solution reduces the buffering ratio ;
  • for the 15,000 or more concurrent users, Streamroot reduces the buffering ratio by 9% compared to the average value without Streamroot ;
  • from 5,000 concurrent users, the Streamroot solution increases the bitrate ;
  • In this section, Streamroot increases the bitrate by 5% compared to the average value without Streamroot.


Convinced by the interest and relevance of peer-to-peer solutions, our teams launched a public tender at the end of 2018. Among all the offers received, francetv chose Streamroot thanks to its relevant proposal, very detailed and particularly adapted to the needs of digital technical services.


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