Radio France

WAYNOTE I geolocated audio content

In summer 2019, Radio France tested a new in car experience with Waynote, an app solution based on geolocated audio content.

For this experiment, Waynote worked hand in hand with the Radio France IoT expert. Together they set up a list of geolocated podcasts in the Côte d’Azur area, with the support of the local tourism agency.

When the driver passes by one specific monument or place of interest along the road, the Waynote app provides short info about the location and suggests to further listen to one related Radio France content.

The first part of the test proved a wider area of experimentation would be relevant to collect a meaningful amount of data about drivers behaviour. Radio France and Waynote are thus looking at extending the geographic and editorial perimeter of the collaboration in the month to come.

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