Stakeholder consultation Future and emerging technological trends for the media sector

Take part in the Stakeholder Consultation on future and emerging technological trends for the media sector

Digitisation is reshaping industries, with technology transforming the way they function. The media industry is no exception, and technological innovations have been – and will be – adopted in every part of the media value chain. Technological trends are influencing the audiovisual and radio ecosystem, prompting changes in political, social and economic dimensions.

Are you part of the media industry, the audiovisual or radio sector?

Are you interested in understanding the evolution of the media sector and are you interested in technological innovation?

Do you want to ensure that advantages and risks of technological developments are adequately analysed and taken into consideration before they are deployed and used?

Then contribute to MediaRoad’s long-term policy vision for the European media sector!


Share with us your ideas and views on the following technological developments: Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Immersive Technologies, Internet of Things, Convergence, and Blockchain. Your contribution is highly valuable in evaluating these trends and their implications from a political, societal and economic perspective. Based on the collected input, complemented by views from stakeholders and experts, MediaRoad will develop a Vision Document including policy recommendations for a thriving European media sector.

The consultation will run from 25 March to 31 May 2019.