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Mission Statement

MediaRoad's mission is to foster a European ecosystem for media research and innovation and the active participation of interested stakeholders is key to achieve this goal together.

Collaboration between diverse partners is at the heart of the MediaRoad project. It is capital for the media sector to exchange on innovation schemes and techniques, to “inter-sow” ideas: each sector / partner can bring know-how and technologies that can be useful to the others – MediaRoad wants to be the catalyst for this. We aim at creating a broad and diverse network of committed media stakeholders, researchers, creative and cultural industries, technology and policy experts, and entrepreneurs who are interested in initiating new cooperation with other creative and media sectors actors and together create a media ecosystem for innovation.

So why join our network? The MediaRoad Network offers a unique cross-sectoral platform to connect and find like-minded peers to take part in the MediaRoad community activities and collaborative processes from exchanging information and generating ideas for new innovations to cooperating on recommendations for future media policies.

How to join the MediaRoad Network?

If you are interested in joining MediaRoad, please use the joining form to express your interest.

We foresee two possible levels of commitment:

  • Tier 1: Receive regular updates and information on the MediaRoad project
  • Tier 2: Join MediaRoad as a stakeholder with active contributions to MediaRoad activities (e.g. related to specific sandboxes, in policy and research consultations and/or events) (+Tier 1).

Tier 2 Stakeholders are promoted on the MediaRoad website (by company name and logo) and have full access to the MediaRoad Network. To formally join, we kindly ask you to send us your “Expression of Interest” either by e-mail or regular mail. For this we have a template text available which we will gladly share with you. Please contact us to obtain this.

Please contact us at any time to exchange your thought on possible participation!

The MediaRoad joining Form

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