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France TV lab | Startup Program

France Télévisions aims to be the 1st partner of the innovation ecosystem in order to modernize the company and also to assert France Télévisions’ role and image in the innovation sector. Hence, France Télévisions has built a privileged relationship with start-ups by acting as an accelerator and a client for them, but not playing the role of an incubator or an investor. France Télévisions collaborates with start-ups in a true partnership approach, in order to adapt its platforms to new technologies and public expectations, to develop digital culture within the company, in particular by drawing inspiration from start-ups and their methods, and to disseminate innovation everywhere in the company. In addition to these links with start-ups, France Télévisions ensures that it is part of the French and international innovation ecosystem, by entering into partnerships or participating to events.


Frédéric Lecoin

Innovation | Startup Program