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4 December 2018, start: 09:00h, end: 17:00h

Rai – Centro Ricerche, Innovazione Tecnologica e Sperimentazione, Via Cavalli 6, Torino

Open Innovation Day

The Rai Centre for Research, Technological Innovation and Experimentation organizes a workshop with startups and private companies offering innovative solutions to technical and editorial problems, with the goal of improving the knowledge in its areas of interest, creating a network of stakeholders and contributing to innovation in the media industry. The day will be divided into two distinct moments.
During the first part of the day , the innovation activities carried out by the Research Centre and Rai will be outlined, specially addressing those offering opportunities for a collaboration with startups and innovative companies.
In the second part of the day, startups and private companies will present projects, development topics, solutions and prototypes related to subjects of interest for the world of media.

The initiative has been arranged in concert with the European MediaRoad Project, which includes Rai, VRT, EBU, BBC and other European partners.

Programme and organisation
Paolo Casagranda MediaRoad
Centro Ricerche, Innovazione Tecnologica e Sperimentazione

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The Rai Piemonte Regional TV News described the workshop, with an audience of more than 130 thousands listeners.