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5 June 2018, start: 09.00h, end: 17.00h


Robot journalism – should we be afraid?

Robot "journalist" is already the reality in many newsrooms churning out content faster than we can consume. News organisations are increasingly experimenting with robot journalism using computer programmes to analyse data and produce news stories, because robots are more productive.

But how much do we know about these robots behind the news? Are they friends or foes of journalists? Should journalists be afraid or take advantage of the technology to improve their working conditions and quality of journalism?

This workshop will focus on these questions and explore the pros and cons of robot journalism, the existing practices and the impact on journalists, especially on working conditions, ethics and quality. Experts on robot journalism, journalists, media managers, representatives of journalists’ organisations and media will gather in this workshop for the debate. The workshop is co-located with the annual meeting of the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ), to be held from 6-7 June 2018.


The online registration has been extended until 28 May 2018. A detailed program is available here.

There are no costs for registering for this workshop, but please be advised that travel and accommodation cost for participation will be borne by the participants. Once you have received the confirmation from the organiser, we recommend you proceed to arrange your travel and accommodation immediately as demand for hotels in Lisbon is very high during this period.

GEN Summit
Also in Lisbon, from 30 May until 1 June, the GEN Summit opens its doors. Focussing on "THE AUGMENTED NEWSROOM", also Robot Journalism and use of AI in the news and media industry are being addressed in dedicated sessions. Thus, if you have the opportunity, you may want to combine your stay!
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The online registration has been extended until 28 May 2018. Please klick here to register for the workshop.

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Robot journalism - should we be affraid?, 5 June 2018


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