Network Hub

Network Hub

The European media sector can benefit from closer collaboration, joint research, information sharing and project initiation to address the challenges of the digital era. Although media organizations currently network within specific clusters, there is a need for a cross-cutting forum that reaches from broadcasters to technology providers, content creators, new media companies and academics.

MediaRoad will achieve the creation of such a forum through its Network Hub, a set of activities that will achieve the outcome of connecting, educating and enabling a community representing the evolving European media environment. It will involve a series of highly relevant topical events for networking, education and development, and communication actions to keep participants informed and connected.

Participants will include the MediaRoad consortium members, as well as stakeholders including broadcasters, production companies, R&D institutes, key creative sector players, journalists, social media, technology-developing SMEs, policy experts and academics. A focus will be placed on recruiting participants from the full spectrum of the media sector to ensure the activation is effective.

In case you are interested in participating in the MediaRoad network, please feel free to contact us at any time!


Network Hub stakeholders

Network Hub stakeholders are organizations who collaborate with MediaRoad project consortium to build a European Media Ecosystem for Innovation and actively contribute to the success of our project.

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